Galerías Pacífico is one of the most successful shopping malls in Argentina. It was declared National Historic Monument due to the undeniable artistic value of its architecture and its striking murals.

Situated in the corner of Florida street and Córdoba avenue, one of the most traditional corners of the city of Buenos Aires, Galerías Pacífico receives monthly over 900,000 people of a high socioeconomic status and literacy.

It possesses an area of over 11,000 m2 and over 150 stores and stands of leader brands, apart from a food court with over 18 different culinary proposals among which, every noon, about 8,000 people make their choice. These and other reasons make Galerías Pacífico an ideal place to visit, admire and go shopping.

History of the building

In the style of Paris Bon Marché Francisco Seeber and Emilio Bunge created, in the last years of the XIX century, the Argentinian Bon Marché. A place that would offer last expressions of worldwide fashion. Thereby, a grand architectural piece was born, which counted on intersected streets, glazed domes and an elegant spacious central dome.

After the economic crisis of 1890, in 1908, a section of the construction of the Buenos Aires al Pacífico Railroad was sold. In 1945 the architects Jorge Aslan and Héctor Ezcurra launched the restoration of the building, separating the arcades from the offices of the railroad and including the murals of the central dome.

In 1989, the building was declared National Historical Monument. Subsequently, it was handed over to Galerías Pacífico S.A. and on May 18th 1992 , the splendid Shopping and Cultural Center was inaugurated, and therefore one of the most flourishing times of this unique and ideal Argentinian Bon Marché has begun.

Galerías Pacífico, corner of Florida St. y Córdoba Ave.
Florida St., 1923
Mujeres paseando
Los históricos murales de la cúpula central en proceso de realización
Proyecto de recuperación del edificio
Florida Hall
Viamonte Hall
Florida Entrance
Imperial Stairs
Food Court
Borges Cultural Center
Cristal Tree SWAROVSKI


The entire central dome
Scale model for the making of the murals
Mural art workshop: Urruchúa, Berni, Colmeiro, Spilimbergo (from left to right) and Castagnino (standing)
The restoration of the murals in the hands of accredited specialist
El Amor Berni
Contemporary Art - J Rómulo Maccio

The central dome, cultural heritage of the city

In 1945, the central dome of Galerías Pacífico, which covers an area of 450m2, was painted by five famous muralist painters. The artists Berni, Castagnino, Colmeiro, Spilimbergo and Urruchúa, convened and made a decoration which achieved an iconographic structure of the primary values and sociocultural common practices in various cultures, as the family and the contact with nature.

The murals register a full range of situations, allegories and universal messages. Yet, it is hinted that the artists sought a creation of their respective designs, apart from the common original accord with the group, and therefore guaranteeing the spontaneity of the individual creation.

There is no doubt these wonderful murals speak by themselves and offer as many meanings and emotions as spectators are there to contemplate them.


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